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Agriculture & Rural Community Business Projects

Through Farm Credit’s Agriculture and Rural Community (ARC) Bond Program, we partner with local community leaders, public officials, entrepreneurs, businesses, lenders and others to finance rural community projects. Long-term fixed rates are available, too!

Under the ARC Bond Program, Farm Credit can purchase bonds issued by local for-profit businesses, as well as not-for-profit organziations. We have developed standardized documentation to minimize the cost of bond issuance, making it an economically feasible option for your projects.

Projects can be public or private, but must be in communities with a population under 50,000. Some examples include:

  • Independent or assisted living facilities
  • Wastewater or water treatment facilities
  • Rural business facilities
  • Health care facilities such as outpatient surgery centers or physician and dental facilities
  • Processing or manufacturing facilities
  • Agribusiness facilities or major equipment purchases

We are unable to finance large, publicly traded companies, gambling and gaming organziations, religious organizations and individuals.

More information

Please contact Keith Lane – or 502-420-3701.