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Revenue Protection (RP)

RP and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE) are multiple-peril crop insurance products that are based on the Commodity Exchange Price Provisions prices and protects against production loss, price decline or increase, or a combination of both. To determine the loss guarantee, RP will use the greater of the Projected or Harvest Price. RPHPE insures in the same way as RP, but uses only the Projected Price to determine the loss guarantee.

Here are the benefits of RP and RPHPE:

  • Protects against revenue loss caused by low yields and/or low prices
  • Flexible and efficient management tool to crop producers
  • The Harvest Price is limited to 200% of the Projected Price
  • Coverage on basic, optional, enterprise and whole farm units where available

Here’s how RP and RPHPE Work:

  • Establishes a minimum guarantee of revenue per acre
  • May select coverage with or without Harvest Price Exclusion
  • For the loss guarantee, RP will use the greater of the Projected Price or Harvest Price; RPHPE will use only the Projected Price
  • If revenue to count is less than final revenue guarantee, an indemnity is paid

Your premium amount is determined using the Projected Price. Your Revenue Protection Guarantee may increase because of a higher Harvest Price. The premium will not increase even if your Final Revenue Protection Guarantee, which is determined at harvest time, is higher than your minimum.

As a crop insurance policyholder, you are responsible for regularly submitting information about your operation to your crop insurance specialist. Please see our Policy Steps page for more information regarding these responsibilities.

Trevor and Christy Gilkey

"Farm Credit custom tailored every aspect of our crop insurance to what we are doing on the farm."

- Trevor and Christy Gilkey