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Corporate Governance

As a cooperative, Farm Credit Mid-America is owned and controlled by our customer-members.  One advantage of belonging to a cooperative is having a voice in how the organization is run.  For example, all stockholders, regardless of the size of their investment, have a vote in electing the board of directors each fall.

Our board is comprised of 16 representative stockholders plus two non-borrowers appointed by the board.  The board sets policy and governs the association. The board’s efforts are supported by more than 1,000 farmers and professionals in agriculture related fields who serve as advisors. Each fall, customer-members have the opportunity to vote for candidates running in for director positions.

Farm Credit Mid-America conducts its business by following high standards of honesty, integrety, impartiality, loyalty and care consistent with applicable laws and regulations. Our practices include a Statement of Director Independence, a Code of Ethics and an Independent Audit Committee that reports for the Board of Directors.