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Beef farmer brings quality product to market

Louisville, KY (May 17, 2010) – According to Tim Jeffries of Canmer, Ky., raising beef cattle is “no passing fad” for his family.

“Our dad’s grandfather started raising Angus cattle here in the late 1930s and we’ve been doing it ever since,” said Jeffries. “It’s just part of our DNA.”

Tim and wife Leslie are part of a family farming operation that includes Tim’s parents, Keith and Diana, and brothers Todd and Troy. Together they have not only continued the fifth-generation registered Angus seed stock business, but have adapted with the times—both good and bad—and want to make raising beef cattle an option for the next generation.

Families like the Jeffries are just one of the reasons Farm Credit Mid-America is celebrating National Beef Month. This month, FCMA is saluting the more than 26,000 beef producers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana with whom FCMA partners to provide financial services to help keep those operations going and growing.

Despite some lean times in the beef industry the past couple of years, the Jeffries family has survived through a combination of hard work, good management, adopting the newest technologies in the beef industry, and being willing to try some new things. One of those new things is “Timothy’s Premium Angus Beef.”

“We feed some of our cattle specifically for our own retail beef business,” said Jeffries. “It’s all home-raised, USDA-graded, all-natural, and aged at least 14 days, which allows us to capture some added value from those animals.”

While producing high-quality Angus breeding animals and beef are a significant source of satisfaction for Jeffries, that’s not necessarily his greatest one.

“The biggest enjoyment I get from raising beef cattle is being able to do it as a family,” said Jeffries. “To take our children, even as young as they are (oldest of three is four and one-half) and go out in the pickup to feed some hay or grain, and see them learning to enjoy the things I’ve enjoyed my entire lifetime is a real blessing.”

Part of what has allowed Tim and Leslie to pursue their dreams are the financial services they’ve received from their Farm Credit Mid-America office in Bardstown.

“They have very competitive rates, understand our business, and are always accessible,” said Jeffries. “I can’t say enough good things about their people and the service we’ve gotten from them.”

The Jeffries’ FCMA financial services officer, Andy Bishop, is likewise glad to be able to provide those services.

“The Jeffries are like many of our beef producers who have the ability to do whatever it takes to be profitable, even with today’s tight margins,” said Bishop. “I’m glad that we have products that work well with their type of operation, whether for cattle, building construction, equipment, home, operating expenses, or line of credit.”

Among the ways it is celebrating National Beef Month, Farm Credit Mid-America is encouraging people to visit their web site,, take their “Cattle Quiz,” and be entered into a drawing for $1,000 toward the purchase of a heifer.

According to Jeffries, there are multiple reasons to celebrate National Beef Month. “Today’s cattlemen produce the highest-quality, safest food product in the world, and at a very affordable price,” he said. “And something that many people don’t realize—beef producers are some of the best environmentalists there are. They know better than anyone that you can’t mistreat the land and expect to make a living from it.”

Monday, May 17th, 2010 Customers
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